I have something to say…


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It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, mainly cause I’ve not had much to say, bloody first for me that! Okay I have a few things to say HA!

stars in their eyes2

Me and my co-host 🙂

Me and my Co-host did really well at being MC for the first time to JCI Barnsley 63rd Annual Dinner. Plus I won an award for Public Speaking and got flowers for hosting. It was also my Birthday on the same day and everyone sung happy birthday which was really sweet. Also I couldn’t quite relax through out the dinner, as i was very aware of the time and keeping things running smoothly, I did enjoy myself, however if i did co host another dinner I wouldn’t wear such a tight dress lol.

I have also heard from the RAF about my medical review which is in a couple of weeks time I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t pass and then be on to my fitness test, talking of fitness I have been a bit lazy recently and not been running as much as I should, so I’m sorting it out and going to push myself to do more running. I have smashed my mile and a half run though, which I’m chuffed about. I ran it in 12 minutes 43 seconds a whole 40 seconds under time!

Okay so the BIG news is that I am……………..seeing someone! OMG! SHOCK!!!!!!!!! No lie I really am. They are a real girl! A REAL ONE! She’s a living breathing person, its amazing! hahaha! It’s also the girl who said she wanted to be friends! haha! That’s all I’m going to say.

I have a feeling this month will be another busy one, bet it will be exciting though 🙂



Start to another year!


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Happy New Year everyone! Yes I am a little late, but better late than never eh?

What a Christmas! I have been working pretty much none stop and not had much time for girls…….haha! of course I had time for girls! I did have a date a few days ago and guess what?…….I got the friends line again! I’m starting to think I will never find anyone who fancies me 😦 oh well onwards and upwards as they say. Plus I have other stuff to think about this year, like….

1. Keeping up with the fitness for the RAF, I’m still waiting to hear about my fitness test but I’m getting a bit worried I might not be ready for it, just need to keep up with the running mostly and hope everything comes together when it needs to.

2.I am now on the council for my JCI group, honestly I have no clue what I’m doing haha! again hopefully I can muddle through and get some good results for my group in the way of a few new members 🙂 and if not at least make sure the ones we have are all happy haha! I just don’t want to let anyone down. Big event coming up next Friday as well in the shape of our Annual dinner which I will be co-hosting and hoping things will run smoothly on the night. I just have to remember to keep things clean on the joke front lol!

3. Although I am trying for the RAF I have other options flowing around me at the moment, the whole graphics thing is raising its head again and is something I will be giving serious thought about in the next few weeks.

Over all I am just a bit overwhelmed and confused about a lot of things at the moment and with my 27th  Birthday fast approaching, next Friday by the way :-), I just really thought I would be in a better place in life at this stage. I really need to start making things happen for me as I’m tired of having nothing to show for myself.

Time to get a plan and make things happen this year!

A Letter to the Hopeless Romantics

Aww so beautiful. I like to believe this too,we will find each other in the end 🙂

The Fickle Heartbeat


A beautiful feature post by Single Strides.

From one hopeless romantic to another…  I’m sure you’re anxiously waiting for the moment you’ve spent your whole life dreaming of. You’re likely patiently waiting for the moment that drowns you like a wave of thrilling passions. You find your breath somewhere in the depths of those three words: I love you. You wait for the moment that you fall and never again try to rise. Instead you create a life in the depths of your heart and in between the tesseracts of togetherness.

By the time that you meet I’m sure you would both have had your share of heartbreak, disappointment, and regret. Yet I am certain of something else as well… Once you meet them, none of it will matter. Once you meet, you will belong to each other like the ocean belongs to the shore – forever anchored…

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Another one bites the dust.


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No fourth date for me!

She decided last night after texting, that she don’t like me in that way. I could rant on about how I feel about the whole situation, but honestly I can’t be bothered. End of the day I can’t make her like me, I just hoped that she might after everything she would like me. It just sucks cause I have been rejected again. I will feel better in a few days.

She even used the friend word just like I said she would a few post’s back haha!

We will hopefully be friends, as we do get on pretty well.

Just why does everyone want to be friends with me all the time? 😦



What I’ve been up to!


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Quick update on my life so far haha

Well its that time of year were you spend your hard earned money of the ones you love, and if your like me you will take full advantage of a bargain and get yourself something nice too! I got new glasses 😀

It also means its bloody cold outside! Which is not great when your trying to get better at running. I have been out running the streets and at the gym on the treadmill hoping to run a mile and a half in 13 minutes 23 seconds. Well today I ran a mile in 8 minutes 22 seconds which I’m pretty happy about as I was aiming for a 9 minute mile. I just need to get the only half a mile and I have cracked it. I have my RAF medical next week so all being well I will pass it and have my fitness next month, which of course is what all the running is about.

Of course I can’t write a blog with out telling you about my search for love or a GF, or just someone that finds me attractive enough to let me see their boobs once in a while ha! Well I’m still waiting on my fourth date and because she was in a mood one week and then we couldn’t find a time which suited us both the week after, we have finally got round to sorting a fourth date which hopefully is this Saturday, only she’s not sure if she ‘likes’ me in that way as ‘ how can you tell after three meetings?’ I guess she has a point, but its more than that and I know it. She’s holding back, due to not wanting to get hurt.

Life is about risks after all and if you never put yourself out there you will never get anything. I can’t do anything though other than wait and see how the fourth date goes and I will make my mind up after that, after all there is only so much a girl can take. It’s a shame though, cause we get on pretty well and I do like her, she just need to let me in and hopefully she will 🙂

Anyway, if I don’t blog again before Christmas.


Been a while…


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I’ve not been on here for a while as I decided to give myself a bit of a break from talk about girls and things and put my energy in to what matters, which is getting ready for my RAF interview next Friday. I was a little worried about it because they ask you how your fitness is going and how fast you can run a mile and a half and they decide if they think you will be ready for the fitness test in a few weeks.

However I have a personal trainer now and today I did my mile and a half run in 12 minutes 53 seconds at 7.5 mph which last week I thought was fast but this week it was easy! I’m well under the time so I’m very happy 🙂

I have news on the girl front too!!! The girl I have been talking to for a while now finally met me last Saturday. I drove to see her and had my first proper road trip haha all 45 minutes of it. It was my second time on the motorway and the first time on my own. We had a good time together and should be seeing each other again soon 😀 yay!

So it seems like things might be looking up for me which is about time. I guess I made it to my RAF interview and getting a second date through my hard work and determination ha! So that shit really does work after all.


Always look on the bright side!


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Me looking down on the Volcano on the small island of Nissyros 🙂

So I got back off my holiday on Sunday morning around half 1, I spent the day in Manchester where we landed at my Sisters and returned home to where I live on Sunday afternoon. I arrived home on a high after my trip. My holiday in Kos was amazing, the weather was hot, I got a tan and did lots of fun things, like riding on a Quad bike to the beach, walking down in to a Volcano and seeing the sulphur springs, taking a trip around Kos and seeing the little villages and hearing about the island. I swam in the clear blue sea and ate fresh fruit on the beach in the sun shine. I ate out every day at a different restaurant and the food was lovely and very filling. I drank lots of local beer and enjoyed the company of my Sister. It was a fun and lovely relaxing holiday, which also included a massage at a spa.

So you would think after such a great time I would be on top of the world, only I return to the same old shit.

The date I went on before going on holiday, despite saying she wanted to see me again and texting me right up until I got on my plane, has removed me from facebook and is ignoring my texts and I have no idea why. What bothers me the most about it is she doesn’t have the guts to tell me why or even to just tell me before my holiday. I don’t understand why you would string someone along like that?? its cruel and unkind! Yet again I have been fucked around, by a complete knob! I am sick to the back teeth of girls doing this to me, I am seriously getting annoyed, I’m not sure I can take any more rejection and disappointment.

Oh wait there is more to come! I was meant to be going to a JCI awards dinner at the weekend only now I can’t go because I have to go to training for work! awesome! could my life get any better!

Plus the weather is shitty! I would happily go back to Kos tomorrow! haha! I do hope something good happens in my life soon, as I’m starting to think what is the point in anything any more? All I every do is try and all I get is nothing! I am not a happy bunny at all. My sadness has returned, I think it might have been on holiday when I did and came back at the same time. Oh well, life goes on as they say and always look on the bright side of life even when you have tears in your eyes. I will just have to do what I always do and plod on and keep trying and do things that make me happy. End of the day I can’t do anything about the weather or dumb ass bitches who can’t see a good thing when its standing in front of them, but I can do something about my life, starting from………………………………now!

Off on my jollies!


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Tomorrow I am off on holiday for a week! yay! I am in need of some chill out time in the sun tbh. Although its not because of women trouble, I just need some time to relax.

Women are not doing my head in for once, in fact I am only talking to one girl and we had a date and guess what?……….after my holiday we should be having a second date! I’m quite excited, I’ve not had a second date for quite a while. Although our first date wasn’t quite a date in the traditional sense, but maybe that’s a good thing!

Winner of vicious circle

Me with my trophy 🙂

So other than having a date and working what else have I  been up to? Oh yes I won an award 😀 for being the funniest and meanest person at JCI Barnsley Vicious Circle. I was in it to win it and spent a long time putting my speech together and practising how I was going to deliver it and I think it showed on the night. I am thinking that if I can’t get a job, maybe start as a comedian ha!

I was a bit down in the dumps a week or so ago, but now I’m back to my normal self. I’m looking forward to my holiday, forward to my second date and forward to defending my trophy next year! 🙂