Hello! so its been quite a while since I posted anything. The main reason has been that, although I have lots of thoughts whizzing around my mind I just haven’t been able to get them out and on to paper or screen. However today that had changed and I can feel they are ready to come out ha!

So its a new year! 2017! and today is my 29th birthday, that’s right this year will be my last year in the twenties! So I have decided to give myself a bit of a challenge this year, what is this challenge? drum roll please……..

In October I will be trekking the Great wall of China!

Over 5 days I will be trekking approx. 21 miles from Huangyaguan to Badaling where I will be helping to rebuild the wall! and I am doing all this to raise money for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund!

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