I have graduated and I can say I am officially in the RAF and a qualified caterer! I am also still single, boo! not for my lack of trying of course.

So I have my first post and so far I’m enjoying it, but I can’t help but feel that something is missing from my life and for once I’m not talking about a women, though that would be nice to have someone to share my life with. No I’m talking about having something other than work, since 2013 I have always had something else to do outside work. I have started to look in to voluntary work in the community and I have been looking at sport as well.

I have also bought the book the secret and I’m giving that a bash! To be honest I like it, its very me and after reading a bit of it I have decided I like that idea of being a Metaphysician haha! it sounds so far fetched, but when you really think about it makes so much sense. When I read what one is, it was like it was speaking to me on so many levels, crazy!

Okay so I know you want to know about my many girl, oh how I wish I had many women haha! I’m talking to a few and I’m leaving it there 😛