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So I graduate from the RAF very soon, I’ve just had a few days off which were very welcome indeed. I filled my days with seeing friends, eating, drinking, eating, drinking haha. I saw my JCI group on our annual pub train crawl which was awesome and its always a pleasure to see them and I went to SkegVegas with a special someone!

I have enjoyed my days at home, but all good things come to an end, which can only mean one thing…..I return to my training tomorrow. I must be honest although I do enjoy parts of training and I know I am doing it for a better life, a part of me doesn’t want to leave here. yes its fun to leave home and go on crazy adventures but there is nothing like coming home, to familiar faces and the people who know you the best 🙂 I am hugely proud to be graduating very soon and you guys have no idea the amount of sweat and tears I have been through to get to this stage, I can honestly say my legs, arms and pretty much my whole body has never hurt so much haha! What a crazy 10 weeks I have been though, I am eager to finish this stage of training now and move on and being training for the job I signed up to do.

More adventure a waits me, and although I am excited to see what is in store for me, I can’t be more excited than I am at the thought of coming home and sharing those times with the people I love right here, where I call home 😀