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The last couple of months my mind has been filled with the RAF, I have finally after a year of waiting, have passed the process and I am starting basic training at the end of the month. It is slowly sinking in that I am about to take one of the biggest steps in my life and it is one I really can’t believe is fast approaching. The thought that it is the start of a career is amazing and although I am sure it will be hard and tough and there will be times I will think, why have I done this to myself haha! those moments will not last long as the rewards are great. As I always say, if its worth having, its worth working for.

Today is my last shift at work and although I am happy to be leaving to start a new path, it will be a little sad to. Saying good bye to all my friends for a while will be sad, but they have supported me though out my whole process and I would like to thank them all for that support.

I’m also still seeing a girl, that’s right STILL!!! LOL! She does make me happy and it will be tough leaving her for a while, but sometimes I women’s got to do what a women’s got to do. Plus who wouldn’t like the idea of dating some one in the RAF, that blue uniform is Sexalisous!

I’m looking forward to the future and everything that it will bring, and starting my big adventure very soon 🙂