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It has been a busy few weeks, I have completed my RAF fitness test which I am happy about. I was worried about the mile and a half run I had to do on the treadmill as I have been running it in miles and just completing it under the set time ( 13 minutes 23 seconds) so I was worried I might not do it at the test, so imagine my relieve to find out I had to run it set on Km LOL! so much easier. I smashed the time and did it in 12 minutes 25 seconds 😀

So now have a possible entry date for a couple of months time but first I just have to complete a 4 day training course next month along with an interview and then I will be off on an adventure haha. I must say I am a little nervous about the four day training, mainly because I have a 5 hour train journey and four changes to make to get to where I am going and I have no real idea what to expect when i get there, I’m sure I will be fine though. Just have to do my best.

planting trees 2015

Planting trees 🙂

I have also been busy with my JCI group. On Saturday I helped to plant trees in a local area and we did very well and planted over five hundred trees in just a few hours. My hands and back aches now though, plus I had a stupidly busy weekend at work which didn’t help my aches and pains, as I now feel like I have been ran over! haha! Thank the lord I have a week off soon.

I also have a couple of projects to do for my JCI group, one which is on going and I may have to pass on to someone else depending on where I will be in a few months times.

Now I get to the girl front…….well I’m still seeing the same girl so that’s a first 🙂 haha!