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It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, mainly cause I’ve not had much to say, bloody first for me that! Okay I have a few things to say HA!

stars in their eyes2

Me and my co-host 🙂

Me and my Co-host did really well at being MC for the first time to JCI Barnsley 63rd Annual Dinner. Plus I won an award for Public Speaking and got flowers for hosting. It was also my Birthday on the same day and everyone sung happy birthday which was really sweet. Also I couldn’t quite relax through out the dinner, as i was very aware of the time and keeping things running smoothly, I did enjoy myself, however if i did co host another dinner I wouldn’t wear such a tight dress lol.

I have also heard from the RAF about my medical review which is in a couple of weeks time I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t pass and then be on to my fitness test, talking of fitness I have been a bit lazy recently and not been running as much as I should, so I’m sorting it out and going to push myself to do more running. I have smashed my mile and a half run though, which I’m chuffed about. I ran it in 12 minutes 43 seconds a whole 40 seconds under time!

Okay so the BIG news is that I am……………..seeing someone! OMG! SHOCK!!!!!!!!! No lie I really am. They are a real girl! A REAL ONE! She’s a living breathing person, its amazing! hahaha! It’s also the girl who said she wanted to be friends! haha! That’s all I’m going to say.

I have a feeling this month will be another busy one, bet it will be exciting though 🙂