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Happy New Year everyone! Yes I am a little late, but better late than never eh?

What a Christmas! I have been working pretty much none stop and not had much time for girls…….haha! of course I had time for girls! I did have a date a few days ago and guess what?…….I got the friends line again! I’m starting to think I will never find anyone who fancies me 😦 oh well onwards and upwards as they say. Plus I have other stuff to think about this year, like….

1. Keeping up with the fitness for the RAF, I’m still waiting to hear about my fitness test but I’m getting a bit worried I might not be ready for it, just need to keep up with the running mostly and hope everything comes together when it needs to.

2.I am now on the council for my JCI group, honestly I have no clue what I’m doing haha! again hopefully I can muddle through and get some good results for my group in the way of a few new members 🙂 and if not at least make sure the ones we have are all happy haha! I just don’t want to let anyone down. Big event coming up next Friday as well in the shape of our Annual dinner which I will be co-hosting and hoping things will run smoothly on the night. I just have to remember to keep things clean on the joke front lol!

3. Although I am trying for the RAF I have other options flowing around me at the moment, the whole graphics thing is raising its head again and is something I will be giving serious thought about in the next few weeks.

Over all I am just a bit overwhelmed and confused about a lot of things at the moment and with my 27th  Birthday fast approaching, next Friday by the way :-), I just really thought I would be in a better place in life at this stage. I really need to start making things happen for me as I’m tired of having nothing to show for myself.

Time to get a plan and make things happen this year!