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Quick update on my life so far haha

Well its that time of year were you spend your hard earned money of the ones you love, and if your like me you will take full advantage of a bargain and get yourself something nice too! I got new glasses 😀

It also means its bloody cold outside! Which is not great when your trying to get better at running. I have been out running the streets and at the gym on the treadmill hoping to run a mile and a half in 13 minutes 23 seconds. Well today I ran a mile in 8 minutes 22 seconds which I’m pretty happy about as I was aiming for a 9 minute mile. I just need to get the only half a mile and I have cracked it. I have my RAF medical next week so all being well I will pass it and have my fitness next month, which of course is what all the running is about.

Of course I can’t write a blog with out telling you about my search for love or a GF, or just someone that finds me attractive enough to let me see their boobs once in a while ha! Well I’m still waiting on my fourth date and because she was in a mood one week and then we couldn’t find a time which suited us both the week after, we have finally got round to sorting a fourth date which hopefully is this Saturday, only she’s not sure if she ‘likes’ me in that way as ‘ how can you tell after three meetings?’ I guess she has a point, but its more than that and I know it. She’s holding back, due to not wanting to get hurt.

Life is about risks after all and if you never put yourself out there you will never get anything. I can’t do anything though other than wait and see how the fourth date goes and I will make my mind up after that, after all there is only so much a girl can take. It’s a shame though, cause we get on pretty well and I do like her, she just need to let me in and hopefully she will 🙂

Anyway, if I don’t blog again before Christmas.