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Me looking down on the Volcano on the small island of Nissyros 🙂

So I got back off my holiday on Sunday morning around half 1, I spent the day in Manchester where we landed at my Sisters and returned home to where I live on Sunday afternoon. I arrived home on a high after my trip. My holiday in Kos was amazing, the weather was hot, I got a tan and did lots of fun things, like riding on a Quad bike to the beach, walking down in to a Volcano and seeing the sulphur springs, taking a trip around Kos and seeing the little villages and hearing about the island. I swam in the clear blue sea and ate fresh fruit on the beach in the sun shine. I ate out every day at a different restaurant and the food was lovely and very filling. I drank lots of local beer and enjoyed the company of my Sister. It was a fun and lovely relaxing holiday, which also included a massage at a spa.

So you would think after such a great time I would be on top of the world, only I return to the same old shit.

The date I went on before going on holiday, despite saying she wanted to see me again and texting me right up until I got on my plane, has removed me from facebook and is ignoring my texts and I have no idea why. What bothers me the most about it is she doesn’t have the guts to tell me why or even to just tell me before my holiday. I don’t understand why you would string someone along like that?? its cruel and unkind! Yet again I have been fucked around, by a complete knob! I am sick to the back teeth of girls doing this to me, I am seriously getting annoyed, I’m not sure I can take any more rejection and disappointment.

Oh wait there is more to come! I was meant to be going to a JCI awards dinner at the weekend only now I can’t go because I have to go to training for work! awesome! could my life get any better!

Plus the weather is shitty! I would happily go back to Kos tomorrow! haha! I do hope something good happens in my life soon, as I’m starting to think what is the point in anything any more? All I every do is try and all I get is nothing! I am not a happy bunny at all. My sadness has returned, I think it might have been on holiday when I did and came back at the same time. Oh well, life goes on as they say and always look on the bright side of life even when you have tears in your eyes. I will just have to do what I always do and plod on and keep trying and do things that make me happy. End of the day I can’t do anything about the weather or dumb ass bitches who can’t see a good thing when its standing in front of them, but I can do something about my life, starting from………………………………now!