So I told you a few weeks ago about a girl I have been texting for a while and how I thought she might be giving me the run around, well this week we have been texting for the last few days which given she said she is off dating I found a bit odd. So I decided to just ask her why she is still talking to me if shes off dating, her replied with ‘ I am enjoying our convo!’ although this is nice and all it is rather annoying as I want to meet her not have a long convo over text message all the time. She did ask me if she is annoying me haha! and I said well the only thing that is annoying is that I want to meet you and I think you want to meet me but your holding back, to which she said that could be the case I’m not sure! HAHA! what? I, dear reader have no idea what to do now. What I do know is I am definitely off women now for a while. it is pretty ironic that a girl who has been messed about to the point she has been put off dating, has not gone and put me off dating haha! I’m sure all the other women helped me along of course she just kind of pushed me over the edge!

My friends tell me to keep the connection with her going and then ask her for a drink in a few weeks, I guess I could do that, but part of me feels I am fighting a losing battle and although she is funny, pretty and a bit nuts and I believe I could be the cream she’s missing from her cracker. I’m not really in the mood to run after a girl and look like a fool all over again.

Sooooooo the ball is firmly in her court, yes I may text her in a few days but as for asking her for a drink well that’s up to her. I think it is about time a girl got her bloody running shoes on, did a few stretches and chased me for once don’t you?