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So the lady from York came to see me on Sunday. We had a nice times, though I couldn’t help feeling very insecure about myself and all I have achieved at this point in my life, which i feel is very little. Its silly really because well she is 33 and that’s a whole seven years difference and a lot can happen in seven years. Anyway, we went for drinks and I bought dinner and I showed her a little of her home town as strangely she is from the same place I am but moved away in her teens. I then walked her to the train station and waited with her till it came. Cause I’m a gentle lady haha!

Do I think anything will happen? no Do I think we could maybe be friends? maybe. Do I think we had a good time and I have stretched my dating skills a little? yes.

Talking of going on dates. I have been texting a girl for a little while and I asked her again if she wanted to go for a drink. What she text back I though she was being a tease but it turns out today she’s just not ready for dating! I met a girl on a dating site who’s not ready for dating!? The sad thing is its not the first time haha!However I still think she’s cute and the fact she told me before meeting me, unlike a few others, kind of makes me respect and like her that little bit more.

Are we meeting any time soon? No. Will she ever meet me? maybe. Do I like her? YES!

I can’t sit around waiting for her to come around though can I? and of course I’m totally not! I am talking to one other girl that, honestly I have spoken to before but wasn’t sure about her as there is a child involved, however I’m not suddenly going to adopt the kid, so we shall see what happens there.

Does it bother me she has a kid? Maybe Should it bother me? No Would I like to meet and see what happens? Yes

Obviously I am talking to more then just her, however she is the only one who I’m texting the rest are on dating sites and not one of them makes a damn effort haha! where as she gave me her number, so we shall see how long it takes her to either stop texting or ask me for a drink.