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So last weekend I went to JCI Leap! or leadership excellence action program. It started on Friday around 5ish and ran till around 4ish on the Sunday. It was an emotional, challenging and mind over loading weekend. I amLeap 2014 currently still reflecting on the things that I have learnt. So on the course we looked at leadership styles and what kind of people we are and how we can adapt to how others work. We were given a quick way to find out what kind of people we have in our lives so then we will know how to adapt to work better with them or where to place them on a project so we can get the most out of them. I graduated on the Sunday along with everyone else 🙂 that’s me in the middle! I also got a Leap badge, which is soooo cool, cause I love badges 🙂 I tell you if they had thrown in a sticker I would have been in heaven.

Also last weekend I found out I have been short listed for a design job!! wooooo! I have my fingers crossed that I will hear something back soon about it.

I guess I should update you on my girl situation, though there really isn’t that much to tell you. I’m still single and girls are still not realising I’m awesome! haha! No I am talking on and off with two but I am really trying not to let them pull my focus from bettering myself and landing that awesome job!