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I was talking at work the other day about girls and their mind games, what brought this on? well I have been kind of texting a girl, when I say kind of I mean we have text each other a little bit but very often she takes hours to get back to me. A girl at work said that in order to get someone you have to ‘treat them mean to keep them keen’ and suggested I act uninterested in her. I had the same talk with some girls on my placement and they pretty much said the same thing. So I have held off testing her for a couple of days at a time but always ended up messaging her first. This got me thinking, is she playing the same game or does she just prefer to be chased?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m normally the one doing all the running so I’m use to it however it can get rather boring after a while. So I have asked her for a drink, she will no doubt end up using the damn ‘friend’ word on me after we meet anyway so we might as well get it over with sooner rather than later, so I can move on. She said yes to meeting and we both suggested tomorrow, only she hadn’t gotten back to me since Monday about where and what time? So who know if we will ever meet at this rate! Wait just got a text this very minute, oh how exciting ha! She’s might be working out of town tommorrow so isn’t sure if she can make tomorrow. I would offer her a lift in my shinny new car, cause I’m nice like, only I have yet to drive on the motor way in the day never mind in the evening so there would be no chance of me driving her home, plus I would get lost, like I did the other day when I went for a drive LOL!

Oh well I’m not too bothered either way to be honest it would just be nice to know what I’m doing tomorrow night that’s all. I mean am I going for a drink with a rather tall attractive women? or am I cuddling up in my PJ’s with a cuppa and some episodes of Battlestar Galatica 😀  (yes I’m a geek) at least if it’s the second one Battlestar won’t reject me. Though saying that its Thursday, which means the last episode of the Honourable women!

Anyway in other new, I have been applying for jobs….again. The worst part about applying for jobs I find is writing the covering letter. I have also been learning more about WordPress, as you can see I now have a twitter feed and a new look. I have not doubt the look will change again as I find out more about WordPress. I have also added a little bit to My drawings as well 🙂

I also gave an Illustrator tutorial today which went pretty well and I got some nice feedback from some of the people on my placement I presented it to. I was a little nervous but I wanted to do it to improve my presenting skills and get better at talking in front of others. Something I will have to do next month at JCI Vicious Circle Dinner, which i need to write a 20 minute speech poking fun at everyone, so far i have around……….two minutes haha! I just can’t think of any jokes, it’s very frustrating, as the point it not just to be vicious but also to be funny! My last speech I tried to make every sentence be the start of a joke and lead the audience up to the punch line. The topic is my ideal event would be…..

So if anyone has any ideas feel free to comment or tweet me @xandthetitties