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I have four problems at the minute. The first being that I keep stalling my new car! took a trip in to town today and stalled the damn thing about six times lol! I also went for a drive and had no idea where I was, thankfully it was a straight road so just turned around and came home. My second problem at the minute, well it’s not really a problem as such its more like a habit I have decided to pick up again. The habit being chasing girls!! I know I said I was off them and I have cut my talking time with girls down a lot! and the number of girls I talk to has been reduced to two. Go me!

One I can’t tell you about. The other I won’t tell you about 😛 Mainly because I don’t want to get my hopes up to have them dashed, even if they do make for the best stories. Good old Shakespeare got it right, along with Eastenders. Tragedy draws them in every time.

My third problem is that I don’t have the new version of Adobe 😦 which is poo cause I would love them, only my computer is so freaking old it can’t run them. So anyone fancy adding to my ‘getting jenny a new computer that can run the cool adobe creative cloud fund?’

My fourth problem is one that lots of people have, which is there just isn’t enough hours in the day! or in fact in the week. I had a crazy week last week getting my portfolio sorted, being social and working 33 hours! seriously there was no time left for me to do what I really wanted to do which was to do some of my own designs, learn more about social media, CSS, HTML, and get to grips more with WordPress. I did however just get the WordPress for beginners this afternoon, they call it a bookazine which in my geeky way I think is really cool. Unlike the Illustrator magazine I got I can do everything in the wordpress one cause at least my internet isn’t out of date. I want to hopefully become a WordPress Queen. Yes its a geek thing, but the girl I’m talking to seems to like it so hey win win right?