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My little car!!!

My little car!!!

Phew! What a week. I though I should give you a quick up date seem I have been a bit quiet. For those that know me, me and quiet don’t very often go together. I have been very busy redesigning my CV and Portfolio to apply for design jobs. I’ve been up till silly o’clock in the morning a few times this week trying to get things finished, today I finally printed my stuff off and got it posted off for a job I’m applying to. Fingers crossed my hard work pays off. I have also finished my design placement, though I want to get in at least once a week if I can to finish off my designs and help with putting the book together. Unfortunately not this week as I’m back at work at my job as a waitress to make a few pennies, and really have no time to fit in a trip to Leeds and back haha!

I have however had a little bit of time to cram in winning a speaking competition for my local JCI, which involved having to write a speech on the topic of one person you would invite to dinner, the speech had to be funny and I’m happy to say it was. I have also just bought my first car!!!!! YAY!!! It’s a cute little Ka, yes it looks like an upside down egg box, but its mine! which means I can drive myself about so my chauffeur, I mean my Dad can have a rest now.

As for the girl front, odd words to use seems it’s the anniversary of WW1, but dating is as the song goes, love is like a battlefield. I haven’t really spoken to any for a couple of weeks now. There is a girl I like but that’s complicated, lesbians being complicated its unheard of! And another which clearly wants me to get my trainers on, do a few stretches and do some chase, which although I am often the one doing the chasing, I just can’t be bothered at the mo.

Girls you have indeed been sidelined for more important projects on the horizon, ones that I can chase, catch and keep forever and ever.

Well I better be off, I have 600 words to write to help land me a job, then off to work. I will be back soon! Watch this space. Might even have a few car adventure to tell you about.