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When I was thinking about starting a blog it was meant to be about dating and talking to women and all the funny stuff that happens along the way only over the last few weeks I’ve only spoken to one girl off and on and you know what I feel better than I did when I use to talk to lots of girls. I have so much free time now! Time that I’m putting in to other things, more useful things.

The last few weeks I have been on a design placement helping to put a book together and I have really enjoyed it, not just designing and coming up with ideas for a section of the book I have been working on but being in a creative environment and working with other like-minded people and working together to get the book finished and helping to create a really great marketing campaign to help launch it once it’s finished. The social side of things is something I have started to get more interested in and having started this blog and setting up a twitter for it I have found lots of people have started to follow me and it feels really cool to know people are interested in what I have to say. I also have a Pintrest and have started putting my art work on it, which you can buy in A4 and A5 if anyone is interested, check out my site jenny storey.atspace.co.uk. Anyway a girl off my placement told me about https://bufferapp.com/ which is a site that helps you to schedule your twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, so I started it this morning, and I am now on Viralwoot which is for pinterest and people have started to follow me and pin my art work 😀 feels awesome!

I am determined to make a success of this blog and if I can’t find a design job that god damn it I will make my own work!

My step sister is getting married soon and she asked me to design a hundred booklets for the service along with name cards for the dinner. I really enjoyed designing the booklet and putting it together and it’s quite relaxing folding a hundred pieces of paper haha! I did the place cards this evening, I hand did fifteen in a Calligraphy style font and I really enjoyed putting them together and it’s a root I am genuinely thinking about going down, so if your thinking of getting married and you need some stuff designed give me a shout yeah! and in all this time I have not been bothered about talking to girls once!

Oh my days what has happened to me?  I guess I have found something I enjoy doing more than talking to girls, and that is making something that other people can learn and enjoy too and more importantly something that makes me happy. I can honestly say that for the first time in months I am happy.  I just hope that my blogs don’t suddenly become boring! don’t worry I’m not off girls, just taking a little break. There will be more funny stories even if I have to hunt a few down just so i have something to write about, a bit like that film How to lose a guy in 10 days! but for now I’m happy to put my time to better use. Though I still would like a really cool job! But hey one step at a time eh?