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I have calmed down a bit since my last blog and have decided that although I will be carrying on talking to girls and trying to convince one to come on a couple of dates with me and maybe even dare I say it…..to become my girlfriend. I have also come to the conclusion that I should focus my energy on something more worth while like say, getting a design job so I can get a car and become more independent. Its not something new I have just discovered I have known this all along I just got a little carried away with the ladies! And its now time to re-group and set my sights on more important things. After all a girl should not be your main focus, you should try to build a life for yourself without them and then when you find some one, you should fit in to each others worlds not become each others worlds. There has to be more to life that just girls right? other wise when you find someone and they become your world, once their gone your back to square one, whereas if you have your own life if they leave your still left with your life. Plus I read somewhere that when someone is passionate about something or you see the person you like in a situation they thrive in, it makes them more attractive.

So I’m thinking that instead of chasing girls, I should put as much energy that I do in to them in to applying for jobs and your never know, maybe, just maybe I might get a job!

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself: What part of my life could I give more energy to? And which one could I do with giving less to? I guess in the end you should do what makes you happy and for me girls don’t seem to make me all the happy. In fact I often feel anxious and start second guessing them, I feel sick and just get myself in a muddle about something and nothing, yet I keep going back for more. It’s like being in a bad relationship, only I want a relationship just hopefully not a bad one haha! I still have lots to learn about the dating game, girls and just life in general, I’m ready to find out about all that stuff, but it seems life isn’t ready to let me learn about all that stuff yet. So for the time being I should stick to my three P’s be Positive, be Persistent and above all else be Patient and with a little bit of hard work and maybe a tiny bit of luck I might just end up with everything I want, at least that’s what happens in the movies.