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What are people looking for these days? I’m tired, I’m just tired of dating! I love girls but half only want one thing and the other half don’t know what they want! If I had a pound for every girl I have met that say after one date, I’m not sure I know what I want or I’m not sure this is what I’m looking for I could buy at least a nice car! So many times I put myself out there to be rejected time after time, I’m surprised I’ve not had a break down by now.  I’m tired,  AT 26 I’M BLOODY TIRED OF DATING!

So many girls ask me ‘how are you single?’ and well its cause your all crazy, dumb bitches who can’t see a good thing when its standing right in front of you. I mean how can you really know if you like someone after a first date? At least have a second one? Most people are nervous and not quite themselves on a first date. You don’t know what might upset the other, what they find funny, basically you don’t know each other so give it a second chance to find out about each other before you decided their not for you.

Recently I went out on a date and had a lovely time, after taking some advice from my magazine about having fun and enjoying the day and not thinking too much about what happens after. So I enjoyed my evening and I felt it went well and hoped for a second, only as usual the next day the girls is like, I had fun but don’t want to take it any further. Well sorry love I’m only asking for a second date, not your hand in marriage! I mean excuse me if I sounds stupid but, if she had fun and a good time why wouldn’t she want to meet me again?? I’m confused. Its not like we had an awkward parting at the end of the date either, she could have be like ‘ I have to get my bus nice to meet you’ before disappearing forever but she didn’t instead she walked me to my train because she wanted to make sure I got home safe and even said she might wait till it pulls away and run at the side of it waving me off haha! I mean we sat in the park and I had my arm round her, she could have moved to suggest she didn’t like it but she didn’t. I read the situation and felt it was okay for me to do it other wise I wouldn’t have done it. To be honest though, I knew it was coming and after what she told me her friend told her before our date ‘ You didn’t know her last week and you might not next week, no biggie’ and I guess their right.Another date done with, another girl’s loss. No biggie!

what do I have to do to get a second date around here?  Seriously anyone want to come out on a couple of dates with a lovely. Funny. Cute girl?? Anyone? Anyone at all??