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One of the main questions I get asked by girls is, how come your still single? My answer to this depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Mostly I say its because I haven’t met the right girl yet and sometimes I say its because I haven’t met anyone worthy of me! Both good answers and honestly I totally and completely agree with both.

Some people mind see this as my being a bit big headed and I have been called that a few times, it does get me thinking about how bad some people see it that someone can feel so confident in themselves. It makes me ask the question, do I really need someone else to valid my existence and make me feel good about me?

Here is an example of what I mean. I was talking to a girl on a dating site a few months ago and she said ‘your really pretty you know’ to which I replied ‘Thanks I know’ she replied with ‘ you seem very confident about yourself’ I sent her a message back saying ‘ well lots of girls seem to tell me I am’ she didn’t reply. I have often told this story to people as its very comical when told in the right tone of voice. I kick myself for not saying what I should have said which is, ‘I’m sorry that you feel I have to have low self of steam and not know that I’m pretty or even believe it in order for you to tell me and make me feel good about myself’ does that sounds harsh?

What I’m saying is, isn’t it time people got off their high horses and stopped thinking that its bad for some one to believe their beautiful, after all isn’t that a great thing to have pride in your own self? I don’t mean to the extreme where you spend more time in the day making yourself pretty then you do doing anything else. That’s different to what I’m chatting on about. I wear no make at all and take about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning, I wear comfy clothes but look good and I believe I am pretty and yet some girl I don’t know who probably has self doubt about her own appear wants to give me a hard time about it!

So ask yourself do you believe your pretty? Not in a I wear a ton of make-up pretty, just a natural yeah I don’t look like a dogs A hole pretty.

Is it really that bad to believe in yourself?