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So I was having a bit of a hard time getting a women to turn up to a date, then suddenly two came along at once!

Date one was off the app, she seemed lovely but I couldn’t really place her in terms of what kind of person she might be as we had a rather odd convo one time where she asked me about dildos and such things and I was a bit drunk and had a rant about how I’m a nice girl and I want to date not just have a bit of something some thing. I later said sorry and she was fine with it but I felt a bit silly so didn’t really talk to her that much even though she was the only real decent girl on the app close to home. So anyway we finally went on a date and had a few drinks then later in the evening we bumped into one of my close friends and for some reason we ended up join her and her friends for a little while until I remembered I was on a date!

We had a few more drink and later we shared a taxi home, she was nice and everything but I just wasn’t sure about her, it probably didn’t help that girl number two asked me for a drink while I was on my date and I might have said yes, in my defence I was on my way back from the toilet when I got the text it wasn’t like I was in front of my first date when I answered it.  After my many years of having no one like me to having everyone like me I think I am allowed to play the field a little as they say.

Date two. I am on a dating site on-line which I don’t really use all the much and one day I thought I might as well have a look on it to find a rather attractive girl had messaged me. We got taking and after about three days I added her on Facebook, then she asked me for a drink a couple of days later while I was on my first date. We met up in Sheffield and a nice six hour date, she took me to a few bars then we had dinner, she walked me to the station and said she would like to meet up again. A few days later I asked if she was free, she messaged me on FB saying it was lovely to meet me and maybe we could catch up sometime in the future as friends! Signing off with her name and a kiss I might have been a bit of an arse about it, as I messaged back saying I’m sure I will never hear from you again, story of my life good luck with everything, my name and a kiss. I was an arse yes cause she was soooooo beautiful but I thought things went pretty well and its not like I was asking for her hand, just another date.

So back to date one, like I said I wasn’t all the sure about her but my friends told me to give her another shot so I though I guess I could. I text her asking if she wanted to meet up again, guess what she text back?  If you like but I see you more as a friend though! ARGH!!!! I wasn’t that bother about it, it was more the fact I had the friend word used on me twice within a short space of time.

Oh well! I should take a lesson from this experience and that lesson is, always, always, always have a third girl lined up! Nah the lesson should be to pick one and stick to one. I would love to do that but girls always either stand me up, want to be my friend or end up screwing me over some how. A phase springs to mind, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. I mean is there really anything wrong with having another girl lines up if one girl knocks you back?? Maybe I should stick to one? Maybe I should slow things down?

The great thing about this story is the friend I bumped into with my first date, asked me if she could date the girl I was with as they have been talking. So if you think about it if we hadn’t been on a date my friend might not have met her. So I guess something good might have come out of my crappy dates after!