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After months of dating and not getting anywhere I decided to start a blog about it as I thought I might as well entertain a few more people other than my friends with my jaunts.  My friends seem to find my stories about my dates funny and often they are unable to keep up with who I’m going on a date with that week. Yes I have been on a number of dates in the last few months and I do talk to a lot of women but I can’t help it, I’m just too damn friendly for my own good sometimes! Anyway over the last few months I can pretty much sum up the type of girls I have come in to contact with, they are as follows:

Friend Girls
They think I’m so sweet, genuine and lovely to the point they only see me as a friend.

I have been on dates with a few girls who seem quite keen on me only to have my hopes dashed when they spring the friend word on me. Which really means, I don’t like you don’t contact me again! I would honestly prefer it if they just didn’t text me after a date rather than use the friend word. I have however made a number of friends off dating sites I’m starting to thinking it might just be a lesbian thing!

Sex Girls
They think I’m sexy, gorgeous and have a beautiful smile and just want to have sex with me.

Okay so this is not necessarily always a bad thing, however it does tend to get a little tiring. I AM NOT A PIECE OF MEAT!  I have thought about it though and almost met up with this type of girl, but its not really me to be honest.

Crazy Girls
They think all the above but come on so strong so quickly I want to run away!

The number of girls who seem to just want to unload on me about their Ex’s, their terrible childhood, their metal issues, or tell me they miss me, really like me, or really want to meet up with me is getting silly. Why are you being so harsh on the poor girls you might ask, well I’m not a heartless person, in fact I’m far from it, I’m all for a bit of unloading from time to time, but after only one day of talking its a bit much!  Seriously, take your time, there is no rush to tell me everything about your self to the point I would be scared if we met because you might have the church booked!

Some say I’m too picky about the women I like, I say a girl has to have standards.

I’m sure at some point I will meet a great girl and things will just click. The longer I go on waiting the more I feel  she has gotten lost, taken a wrong turn or fallen into the clutches of someone else.

I don’t know all I do know is my search for her continues…..